Google Chrome Will Block Autoplaying Videos With Sound Next Year

There are plenty of annoying things on the internet, but even the best content can be marred by autoplaying video. It’s not so much the video, but the sound from the video that is truly aggravating. Next year, you may never again have to hunt through your Chrome tabs in search of the one that’s producing sound. Google’s updated roadmap for the browser includes a complete block on unwanted autoplaying videos.

Chrome uses a multi-layered approach to testing and rolling out updates, so it’ll take time for the changes to autoplay to reach everyone. However, that also means you can use one of the less stable builds if you want it early. There are four levels of Chrome releases: stable, beta, dev, and canary (most to least stable). Google’s autoplay blocking features will start showing up in the beta, canary, and dev builds this month. The big changes are coming in Chrome v64.

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